Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee shall assist the Board in moving forward with the established goals and objectives of the Council as outlined in the report of the Strategic Planning Meeting completed on April 11, 2006. The Strategic Planning Committee shall be responsible for the following:
1.      Ensure that the Board is consistently focused on the top priorities and uses them to help make decisions on activities of the Council as well as use of funds and human resources.
2.      Document progress towards achieving each objective and report findings to the Board at least once per year.
3.      Help orient new Board members about the strategic plan.
4.      Make Board aware of identified priorities that are being neglected.
5.      Help to set timelines and budgets for completing the objectives.
6.      Determine measurable outcomes for each objective so we know when we have achieved that goal.
7.      Assist in recruiting and assigning objectives to individuals or small groups (taskforces) with responsibility for developing and implementing action plans to complete the objective.
8.      Provide guidance and direction to the Board on the entire process – making recommendations for future strategic planning exercises.